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Cloud Applications

Welcome to our Cloud Applications

Here you will find a selection of every increasing Business Applications every organization needs.

By subscribing to applications through our platform you will have access to your personalized and secure control panel. You will have complete control and be able to manage:

  • Product provisioning & service automation
  • Subscription Management
  • Choose multiple payment methods
  • Billing & invoicing
  • User Identity and access management

Onboarding assistance & Support Services included

Why Choose Business Cloud

We understand your needs, every situation is different.

MEEZA Business Cloud provides you a wide range of products and services to choose from.



Your organization requires

an easy to use business-class email to ensure your workforce stay productive and are always up and running.

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Seamless collaboration

becomes easy with simple tools to communicate, share common resources, files, news and applications.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud based offerings where users can store,

share, and sync their documents, business materials, and other work files.

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Providing the tools to help you start and execute your projects quickly and easily.

Accessing these tools across all devices helps your Project Teams stay productive.

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Interested in our Cloud Solutions?

Take a look at the options we have available and see if one fits your needs.

Our offering includes, Onboarding, Migration and Support Services

We will help you on your journey

Email Features and Benefits

So many advantages, so much to choose from.

  • Flexible email solutions
  • Secure and reliable with user protection features
  • Use across multiple devices & platforms
  • On line storage options available, scale as you need
  • Many add on features available when you need them