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Data Centres

MEEZA’s, Tier III and ISO 27001 certified Data Centre services, also known as M-VAULTs, ISO 27001 certified, offer the highest level of availability from any data centre provider in Qatar. Our services include Premium Colocation and Data Suites from which clients may choose the option of self-managing their IT equipment or avail of MEEZA’s Managed Services to manage their IT assets.

Cloud Services

Business services and solutions available through a private, public or hybrid network give MEEZA clients access to a robust selection of instantly scalable applications without the high cost of ownership. MEEZA’s pay-per-use model with fixed monthly costs for cloud services helps clients align their IT budgets with their application usage.


MEEZA’s Advanced Networking Solutions ensure that clients have all the capacity they need to meet their bandwidth demands. MEEZA’s Managed Connectivity Solutions provide highly redundant, scalable and burstable internet bandwidth. With these solutions, clients no longer need to invest on expensive next generation converged networks that are complex to manage.

Security Services

Data is a very important asset of any company. When the confidentiality and integrity of data is compromised, it can lead to substantial financial losses and reputational damage. If the damage is not managed properly, it can eventually end up causing the organization’s demise. It is paramount that the IT Infrastructure containing this asset is protected.

Solution Services

Solution services are engagements to work with the customer to offer the best solution for customer’s business needs.

Workplace Services

As part of workplace services, MEEZA provides onsite resources for various skill sets to assist the client to operate end-user devices, IT systems, and networks.

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