Data Centre Services

MEEZA’s, Tier III and ISO 27001 certified Data Centre services, also known as M-VAULTs, ISO 27001 certified, offer the highest level of availability from any data centre provider in Qatar. Our services include Premium Colocation and Data Suites from which clients may choose the option of self-managing their IT equipment or avail of MEEZA’s Managed Services to manage their IT assets.

Protection of valuable IT assets is critical to the successful management and growth of the business. From a single rack to an entire Data Suite, the M-VAULTs are highly secure and available and have the capacity to meet all market demands.

Additionally, the M-VAULTs include:

  • State of the art rack pods to provide cold aisle airflow containment
  • Network Resiliency provided by network links (when using MEEZA’s Managed Network)
  • 24/7 monitoring facilities of MEEZA Network & Infrastructure
  • UPS and Power Generators
  • Fire Detection System
  • Security controlled access system up to the rack

MEEZA offers Premium Colocation Services out of its M-VAULTs. Clients can rent space and bandwidth where they can install and operate their physical IT infrastructure. The environment does not only provide the space but also the power, cooling, and physical security required by the customer client-owned servers, storage, and networking equipment.

MEEZA’s M-VAULTs are Telco-agnostic. Clients have a choice of going with their preferred telecommunication service provider.

Data Hall

MEEZA provides power-enabled and physically secure cold aisle containment pod space (known as Data Suites) includes pod enclosure structures. The pods are enclosed with an entry/exit door on each end of the aisle. These pods constitute the minimum unit of sale for MEEZA’s Data Suite Services. These pods do not include the racks or cabinets, network ports, panels nor cabling. MEEZA offers Data Suite services out of the M-VAULTs based on client preferences.

MEEZA’s M-VAULTs are dedicated facilities that are highly secure, being monitored by MEEZA’s state-of-the-art C³ (Command and Control Centre).