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MEEZA and Ajlan Tech Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand IT Services in Saudi Arabia

June 21, 2023

MEEZA, Qatar’s prominent end-to-end managed IT services and solutions provider, and Ajlan & Bros Technology Company (Ajlan Tech), one of Saudi Arabia’s most respected services and solutions companies, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to expand IT services in Saudi Arabia.

The partnership brings together two industry leaders and regional powerhouses, each with complementary strengths and expertise. MEEZA, since its launch in 2008, has established itself as a pioneering IT service provider in Qatar with state-of-the-art data centres, Cloud Computing Platforms, and Artificial Intelligence powered cybersecurity services. Ajlan Tech, with its vast experience in business and technology, has amassed efficiencies and advantages across its diverse customer base.

This partnership is a significant milestone for both companies as it leverages the strengths and expertise of each partner to deliver world-class IT services to Saudi Arabia and abroad. Ajlan Tech will have access to MEEZA’s large portfolio of established services, while MEEZA will benefit from Ajlan Tech’s vast and pervasive partnerships with leading niche technology makers and providers worldwide.

“Partnering with Ajlan & Bros Technology is a testament to MEEZA’s commitment to expanding its IT services in Saudi Arabia and abroad,” said Eng. Ahmad Al Muslemani, CEO of MEEZA. “We are excited to collaborate with such a respected and established business brand and look forward to leveraging our strengths to deliver the best possible services to our customers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with MEEZA, a leading IT service provider in Qatar,” said Fahad bin Abdulaziz Alajlan, Managing Director of Ajlan & Bros Holding. “This partnership will allow us to enhance our IT services and deliver exceptional value to our customers. Together, we can leverage our strengths and expertise to make a significant impact in the Saudi IT market.”

The partnership between MEEZA and Ajlan Tech will not only benefit their respective businesses but also contribute to the economic growth of the markets served by the two regional leaders by providing cutting-edge IT services to businesses and organizations.