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MEEZA and QInvest announce successful completion of the IPO share allotment and refunds

June 26, 2023

QInvest LLC, in its capacity as Listing Advisor and Offering Manager, and MEEZA QSTP in its capacity as the Issuer, announce the successful conclusion of the IPO share allotment and refunds to all investors who subscribed to the IPO.

As previously communicated, the offering prioritized individual investors, all individual orders have been allotted on a pro-rata basis, determined by oversubscription of 111%. Corporate investors (non-Qualified) will not be allotted any shares, in line with the conditions set out in the Offering Prospectus.

MEEZA is set to list on the Main Market of Qatar Stock Exchange during the course of July, subject to all the necessary regulatory and technical approvals. Interested investors may purchase the shares of the company through the trading platforms on the Qatar Stock Exchange, once listed.


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