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MEEZA QSTP LLC (Public) (“MEEZA”, the “Company” or “we”) is pleased to announce that it has obtained the required regulatory approvals of the Qatar Financial Market Authority (“QFMA”) and the Qatar Stock Exchange (“QSE”) to offer 324,490,000 ordinary fully paid-up shares (the “Offer Shares”) by way of initial public offering (the “Offering”), followed by a listing of all of the Company’s Shares on the QSEMM.

May 29, 2023

(A Qatar Science and Technology Park limited liability company (Public))

MEEZA QSTP LLC (Public) (“MEEZA”) to offer its shares through Initial Public Offering followed by a listing of all of its Shares on the Main Market of the Qatar Stock Exchange (“QSEMM”)

The proposed offering of securities to which this announcement relates is open in Qatar only to individual Qatari nationals and legal entities incorporated in Qatar.

  • MEEZA is a leading end-to-end IT services provider within Qatar, including data center and colocation services
  • The share capital of MEEZA is QAR 648,980,000, divided into 648,980,000 Shares of QAR 1 each
  • 50% of the Shares, equivalent to 324,490,000 Shares, are being offered at an Offer Price of QAR 2.17 per Offer Share, making the total size of the Offering QAR 700,898,400 (excluding the offering costs of QAR 0.01 per Share)
  • The Offer Price of the Shares comprising the share capital was determined by Qualified Investors in Qatar through the first Book Building process ever pursued to price an Initial Public Offering on the Qatar Stock Exchange
  • The Company offered the Offer Shares to a set of Qualified Investors during a Book Building Subscription Period that commenced on 15 January 2023 and concluded on 6 March 2023
  • 37.41% of the Offer Shares (constituting 121,393,000 Shares) were successfully allocated to Qualified Investors through a bidding process detailed in the “Details of the Offering” section of this announcement
  • Offer Price includes the nominal value of QAR 1 per Share, a premium of QAR 1.16, and offering and listing fees of QAR 0.01 per Share
  • 62.59% of the Offer Shares (constituting 203,097,000 Shares) are currently being offered to eligible investors, including Qatari citizens and legal entities incorporated in Qatar in accordance with the QSE Rulebook, QFMA Offering and Listing Rules and the Articles of Association of MEEZA (the “Individual and Corporate Investors”), at the Offer Price
  • The Offer Period to subscribe to the IPO will be open from 6 June 2023 to 19 June 2023 (subject to any additional extension)
  • MEEZA’s Founders are strongly committed to MEEZA’s future success and will be retaining at least 50% shareholding in the Company post-IPO
  • QInvest LLC is acting as Listing Advisor and Offering Manager


Doha, Qatar, 29th May 2023 – MEEZA QSTP LLC (Public) (“MEEZA”, the “Company” or “we”), the leading managed IT and data center service provider in the State of Qatar (the “State”), is pleased to announce that it has obtained the required regulatory approvals of the Qatar Financial Market Authority (“QFMA”) and the Qatar Stock Exchange (“QSE”) to offer 324,490,000 ordinary fully paid-up shares (the “Offer Shares”) by way of initial public offering (the “Offering”), followed by a listing of all of the Company’s Shares on the QSEMM.

Before deciding to invest in the Shares, investors should consult the Offering Prospectus approved by the QFMA which is available at the Company’s website at and the Listing Advisor and Offering Manager website at The approval of the QFMA of the Offering Prospectus shall not be considered to be an approval of the Company’s financial and economic viability or of the related evaluation outcomes.


MEEZA is characterized by the competitive strengths and differentiators outlined below, which are expected to allow the Company to successfully achieve its commercial objectives and implement its strategy of maximizing shareholder value by capitalizing on its unique position in the ICT industry:

  • Leading position in the drive for digitalisation:
    • The world is experiencing a data boom, creating significant demand for data centers and IT services, a landscape in which we have a solid position.
    • The growth of data being created and used is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, driven by the continuous enterprise and government digitalisation efforts, cloud services, streaming and gaming platforms take-up, proliferation of smart devices with higher resolution and use of big data for data analytics and artificial intelligence.
    • Customers get the best value from IT service providers in a market like Qatar, where energy prices and telecoms connectivity are favourable and where supply chains are reliable.
    • MEEZA is the data center pioneer of Qatar, commanding approximately 50% of the Qatari market’s data center capacity, owning and operating 5 state-of-the-art data centers with a total capacity of 24.4MW.
  • Unique positioning as the leading end-to-end IT services provider in Qatar:
    • MEEZA QSTP LLC (Public) provides fully integrated, end-to-end IT services in the State of Qatar.
    • Our product offering includes but is not limited to data center and colocation services, managed services, solution services and cloud services.
    • We operate as the only IT services provider in Qatar that integrates 5 state-of-the-art data centers (known as M-Vault) with our IT services portfolio to provide tailored end-to-end solutions.
    • M-Vault data centers boast a guaranteed uptime of 99.98%, currently offering a total capacity of 24.4MW, with an additional c. 19.5MW of total capacity expansion currently being contemplated by management over the next 2 to 3 years to keep up with growing demand.
  • Long-term customer relationships coupled with highly visible cash flows:
    • We take pride in our client base which mainly comprises of strategic sovereign entities, international hyper-scalers, and large corporates operating in the State of Qatar.
    • Most contracts are long-term in nature, with some key data center related contracts extending up to 15 years.
    • This provides us with recurring revenue streams, high visibility on cash flows and allows for cross-selling new managed services and other ancillary IT services to our existing blue-chip client base.
  • Strong profitability and solid financial position:
    • Now that we have achieved economies of scale, MEEZA is now enjoying strong revenue growth and record annual profit margins year-on-year.
    • We have consistently recorded strong and stable growth over the last 3 years with revenue growing at a 11.3% CAGR between 2020 and 2022, coupled with an EBITDA CAGR of 10.9% over the same period, driven by a significant growth in demand for data center capacity and ancillary IT services.
    • MEEZA has also recorded a high profitability to shareholders, with net income growing at a CAGR of 22.4% over the last 3 years to reach QAR 52.1 million in 2022 (c. 15% net income margin).
    • In addition, MEEZA has maintained a healthy financial position, underpinned by a growing fixed asset base, significant cash reserves, and low leverage.
  • Highly experienced senior management team
    • Our senior management team has significant years of professional experience in the IT industry and a track record of successfully delivering, managing and integrating key strategic projects.
    • We boast a mix of local Qatari leaders coupled with the global expertise of foreign senior management members with track records at some of the world’s largest technology and service provider companies in the world.
Publishing of the Offering Prospectus, newspaper announcement and marketing campaign to launch         29 May 2023
Subscription Period for Individual and Corporate Investors opens         6 June 2023
Subscription Period for Individual and Corporate Investors ends         19 June 2023
Allotment of Offer Shares and Refunds         25 June 2023
Issuance of the updated commercial registration certificate of the Company, reflecting status as QSTP – LLC (Public)         9 July 2023
Expected first day of trading of the Shares on the QSE         During July 2023 and subject to obtaining the listing date confirmation from the respective regulatory authority

For further details on the Offering, including the Offering Prospectus and other information regarding the Company, please visit the website of the Company at

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